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“Keep Safety In Mind. It Will Save Your Behind!”


You’ll discover Affordable Personal Safety and Home Protection products. This website will reveal up to 20 personal safety bundles. They’re especially created for individuals, families and senior citizens.

The world has shifted to a very “combative, confrontational and crime ridden environment”. Seemingly for the last 5+ years college campus crimes have been frightening and totally out of control. I would like to do my part targeting women, not just college women. These products will buy you time to get away, and or, attract help.

Laura Dickason, murdered on ESU campus 2008

Laura Dickinson, murdered on ESU campus 2006

This site’s idea began when Laura Dickinson (image at right), a student at Eastern Michigan University, was raped and murdered by a fellow student in 2006.

Ms. Dickinson’s parents were told lies about her death. When the real truth was revealed her parents really couldn’t believe the college had covered up the truth.

The Dept. of Education fined the college nearly $300,000 and her parents sued ESU winning a $2.3 million award. To my knowledge EMU made a conscious decision to NEVER allow that dorm to be occupied, EVER.

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